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This is where my guided meditations can become very personal to each of you.  Deeply therapeutic through 121 email consultation to produce for example the perfect sleep inducing meditation, switching off from work, anxiety removal, angel work, your power animal. The list of topics is  open to what’s best for you for healing work and sheer upliftment !  Simply email Linda Owen  owenlinda296@gmail.com  thank you

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CHILDREN'S guided meditations

Book called Wisdom
Access FREE guided meditations for children on the global website Insight Timer - it’s FREE to register.                     Also personalised MP3s can be made for children through 121 email parents consultations         owenlinda296@gmail.com

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practitioner of wellbeing                 
of mind and body

My holistic background like most is a long journey gaining knowledge.

I am also an OldPain2Go Practitioner                                                                               
this service covers so many lingering old pains and old habits                             
this service can safely be done on-line 121 video 

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Linda Owen Story Teller Practioner


My Holistic Background

At age 40 it really did begin through many holistic treatments and then becoming a practitioner myself. Attuned to Reiki healing energies, Seichem healing energies, Meditation teacher,  hypnotherapist, natural  story teller

Our inner child is powerful

Do not abandon your deep inner child as you grow up in this world  believing also myself  strengthens  the adult we become not forgetting a great sense of humour and work must balance with play

Insight Timer

Thank you to this great website that  I entered just before 2020 and the big awakening began my journey as a Meditation Teacher with the above profile picture where I felt the hands in heart shape to my voice my words my stories  from my heart to yours

Author of lots of different books

The journey to writing and creating books is a fondness we cannot escape. Books are powerful in every way possible.  It is an honour to be an author. There is so much work that goes into them and they deserve a place on earth forever 

Snippets of my books


DAD   I would like to describe my dad with some of his hobbies, as I was a bit of a daddy’s girl.  I think I understood him in many ways.  I had travelled just as he did but for him was because of the War.  And I remember his tattooed arm and myself out of the 7 kids, bothered with tattoos.  The funny thing was I had a butterfly done in Hong Kong and my second butterfly when returning to the UK.  A handsome chap was Alfred, sky blue eyes that shone a flawless complexion and a Hollywood smile that caught the eye of any woman’s heart.  Shoes always polished, a clean hanky every day and his cap on before leaving the house.  He had a handshake that summed him up, hands like bricks with a handshake that would leave another a little weaker at the knees showing his manly strength.  He cycled everywhere and we know sometimes pedalling could be hard but some days it was easy as the pedals seem to go all around by themselves, claiming a free ride as cyclists called it!  Also a walker where mushroom picking was included on early morning Sunday walks round Brumby woods.    He was a keen gardener who still at retirement age did 3 to 4 gardens a week for widowed neighbours who still lived in big houses with their large front and back gardens.  One year he started a new hobby, pigeons were becoming popular for racing and breeding them.  He built a large pigeon hut in the back garden and we kids enjoyed every minute of it.   I remember watching an old film on telly, black and white, it was where a pigeon had a message attached to one leg then set free, how it tickled me with wonder.  (Before the post man arrived I thought.)  Sometimes he would put a couple at the back of his bicycle and went out of town to test his homing pigeons.  And school lunch times wondering down the back garden to see a pigeon sat in a tiny hut of wood and glass on a pot egg, I didn’t understand at the time the methods of breeding.  When the pigeons finally fizzled out it was replaced by a dog, he went for a true breed, a grey and white Whippet and a certificate with its name on, “Scinder Earl.” What a beautiful looking dog and everyone loved it, the kids, the neighbours and even the post man.  Yes he liked showing it off, it wasn’t put to racing, though he caught real rabbits in Brumby woods which the wife Annie was expected to cook, not a pleasant job for mum and not forgetting our cartoons of Bugs Bunny that we absolutely loved.  But it was a daft dog that never got trained properly, having a houseful of kids confusing it.  Oh and the embarrassment of our dad and the dog coming back from walks alone, twitching curtains!  “There goes one” and then later “the other one,” after all our dad was a proud man.  The silly thing was at home the dog followed him everywhere, often laying his head on his knee looking up with big mousey eyes pining to be out on adventures again!

Summer time was car boot time as dad tried to go to as many as possible all in one morning up to 3 at least to take a nosey at.  He never owned a car so bus trips were popular to sea sides and castles all through summer.  Bicycles were bought cheap he knew how to repair them, he use to have quite a few, with interested neighbours to sell to.  He would repair televisions as well and a bit of a handy man on DIY in the house.  A man who never missed the news and his favourite programmes, like Davie Attenborough, on Wild Life and Sea Creatures from all over the world.  “Sky at Night” by Patrick Moore, was enjoyed for astrology interested him.  Music was played for leisure regularly with a fine voice that carried effortlessly through the house to Jim Reeves, Slim Whitman and so on.  I remember his LP of all guitar music on it, no singing just soft guitar exotic melodies.  Ah . . . nonstop guitar music is gorgeous, it’s like going on a mini holiday!   All our vegetables came from the garden as Alfred was the king of gardeners or in this day and age an organic genius.  He grew everything and there was plenty of room to do it.  Rows and rows of fresh veg and a greenhouse with grapes hanging in it, the front garden was always grass lawns and lots and lots of scented roses that I myself loved getting a close up to sniff at. There was long rows of tall orchids that were later introduced, the bees were very happy!  And all from a council house 3 bedrooms, but generous gardens.  Living room windows were permanent homes to some of the biggest prettiest cacti I’ve seen, sat on large dinner plates quite exotic indoor plants that I read in an unheated house these plants came from a 200 species!  Exotic names, like Graptopetalum pachyphyllum, family Crassulageae whose habitat mainly Mexico.  “The dwarf variety is a real gem and should be in every collection”.  And a man who sometimes needed a little piece and quiet.  With a houseful of kids that should be seen not heard, who would often say to our mum with a smile on his face “Annie, get your gun!”    I was reading one day in a magazine about poems, about your pets so I decided our pet dog deserved one, excuse the Yorkshire accent….. . . . .   .   .   .   .

WISDOM page 10 

So sitting opposite the medium for first ever reading a lady who had excused herself almost straight away after I just sat down, to go to the toilet after finishing her last reading was also aided by a walking stick, has she had clearly been recovering from something yet here she was getting on with life despite her physical condition.  

The following reading shocked me!  Shocked me and the word brave or maybe just denying could this be the real me questioned her somewhat detailed answer on my life.  I remember I had an immediate connection to her for since as long as I could remember years and years I had doodled the same playful image on paper as a young girl which was a pair of eyes with female eyebrows in fact I would repeat these mystical eyes with my little pen over and over harmless doodling but unaware why and her poster had the exact image!  The eyes had finally become as big as life and they was looking at mine!  

The following reading hit me in a spiritual way the big question life and death, here we go.  “The following reading is for Linda, you’re quite an old soul, meaning lives before this one, I have a man stood behind you A JAPANESE SAMURAI WARRIOR, you have remanence of a past life where you fought for justice, you hate injustice and use to serve people.  Now I don’t often get animal totems, but he comes with the BLACK PANTHER to give him strength, you give a lot of strength to others, but it’s not often returned.  And you have chosen one of the hardest life themes! (wish me luck!)

THE HABITS  page 11

Married to the hoarder, yes somewhere out there in deep dark space or you can just see them a mile away the hoarder who’s always in full flow.  With cries, “don’t chuck that out that out they’ve stop making them,” in fact come to think of it he has got a genuine alter of hoarded goodies, some would call it the living room cabinet but it’s kind of a bookshelf, with lots of vintage stuff on it and is tricky to impossible to dust around each centimetre gap of its’ maze of memories.  Even cracked cereal bowls and cracked Gala specials head, almost March to that alter, it might make a good picture puzzle if I took a snap shot though good luck with that multidimensional puzzle picture.

Even cracked cereal bowls under the inspection of his mother shuddered at the amount of germs that were in the crevices bolted into the garden as water dishes with the words, “I may have cracked up a little bit but I’m only human and everyone else is still here” sort sanctuary in the garden and blended beautifully with its’ yellow exterior against the green exterior.

3 GIRLS 1 UNICORN  page 43

Welcome to this meditation called 

3 Girls 1 Unicorn 

But first into bed

Squeeze your pillow now

Make it nice and fluffy 

Rest your head into the pillow 

Closing 1 eye goodnight 

Closing the next eye to dream 

Get very comfortable 

Let me tell you a story 

Once upon a time a unicorn helped 

Mr and Mrs Jones and their family 

Mr and Mrs Jones have 3 children 

They are different 

But then again not

They are triplets a set of 3 girls 

They look the same

But didn’t act the same 

At the age only 8 something big did happen 

It was great news for for one Sally 

Poor news for the other Molly

And bad news for the third Jilly





In a sense you are building new habits to replace old habits that become a way of life.

All the following information especially names and details have took a long journey myself to find and experience and I am putting it all on a silver plate for you so fill yourself up with great empowerment please check everything out fully you will be truly lifted xxx

   +. Start to replace all hate with love decide to no longer anymore keep this low vibration with you let it go and come back to peace 

  •   Start meditating to increase your health and wellbeing please join me with fully guided meditations on Insight Timer and it’s FREE to register and listen to my energy work

  •   Watch language patterns anything you repeatedly say week in and out is keeping you stuck with those problems that need healing for example Mr Smith always says “it’s not very nice where I live always something happening”  instead ask for angels of love and light to brighten where I live so I feel more creativity happy”

  •   Start a regular bedtime routine honour your health by keeping to set times that signals to the body and brain it can begin to repair the cells that support your days for example 365 days is a year so 85 years is a whopping 31025 days of performing every part of you and that includes any form of stress and challenges with set bedtimes you awake mornings fully refreshed and ready to perform 

  •   Start hobbies small or large, part time, remember you are born to be creative, now fear is the opposite of creativity creation and you are creation some of our natural talents are there when we were children or indeed a natural interest worth exploring 

  •   Find out your personal music liking that is also for calming and also for excitement some of this music may belong to younger days or happy memories. Music is powerful and strengthens all of you

  •   Before hanging out with draining people or family stuff put yourself in a bubble of white light just say it to yourself, I am putting myself in a protective white bubble whilst I mix with others that use to drain me and keep polite learn to listen and be logical we also may have to tolerate others fragile state 

  •   Practice different types of mindfulness just to appreciate each day as new and focus on things that feels more in control and less stress, preparing food is therapeutic connecting to the colours and shapes 

   +. Read books make sure you pick ones that will benefit you start getting wiser about all the great stuff on offer from others who have transformed things for the better, books I recommend are Betty Shine called Mind Magic, Deric Longden called Lost For Words, Diana Cooper called Angel Inspiration all available on Amazon, do not feel you have to buy bran new for used books are reduced in price but still that book.

+.  Take up art work at any level join a friendly class there’s one at Brumby Corner or search for stuff on the internet or art colouring or sketch books, privately express and sooth your mind with it

+.  Exercise to give yourself a healthy appetite that makes food more enjoyable through working up that appetite all forms of exercise is available from walks, jog, swim, dancing, yoga there are classes everywhere so please move and stretch your body.

+.  Get attuned to Reiki 1 it’s easy affordable and is just to work on yourself in a magical cool way connecting to energy work that you can do at home once attuned all is quick to attain and lasts a life time simply google search for local practitioners, remember Reiki 1 is Self healing treatments.

+.  Get baking and gardening even small amounts is a boost to all of you, being creative filling the home and garden with love is powerful.

+.  Time to use your voice and sing short easy mantras that aid wellbeing search the internet and learn quickly how you can work on yourself with this for example mantra word OM means deep peace and oneness sing OM 54 times to embody it into you and it only takes a minute embrace it you’ll soon warm to it and reap its benefits for everything vibrates mantras are good vibrations.

+.  Look at your home and declutter and create more nice things to fill corners and windows and so on add natural plants and flowers good memories of photos create a home that holds all good memories but remove things that hold unhappy memories it’s bit like fengshui keep the home vibration happy

+.  Stretch yourself physically this helps to keep you free from energy blockages In your own way stretch or join a yoga class or swim start and end a day with a stretch, you are energy keep stretching and moving your energies to flow better

+.  Bond with nature find places safe to go and breathe smell touch and see the seasons 

+  Book a Medium for deep messages to you, I highly recommend a lady called Cherry Arnold to give you a reading she will most definitely empower you and explain your life to address everything that has happened to you and how to handle things in a new way her readings are full on about an hour and you can ask questions after her number is 07950968507 Cherry Arnold

 + Join Reiki Grand Master Dean Kingett on internet for Free empowerments plus he does online workshops every week at  £10,  his  webpage is Dean Kingett  Spiritualhart lots of great stuff on it worth checking out all his stuff

+.  Start a journal get to know yourself your life and fill it up hold onto all the positive things and see only the negative as a challenge to strengthen your spirit

+.  Treat yourself get some real crystals easy to buy in shops or on Amazon they are fairly cheap and sooth, heal lifting your energies your wellbeing and look beautiful too.


Linda Owen  Email owenlinda296@gmail.com 


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My Meditation Group called Linda Owen’s Tribe is on Insight Timer open to the public to enjoy 🙏🌎

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Reiki and OldPain2Go Practitioner and Meditation Teacher and Author ✍️ LINDA OWEN